History of Anadrol

If bodybuilders will be asked about the most powerful of all steroids today, you will get much of Anadrol as an answer. From this drug’s introduction in the 1960s, a lot of people can attest to how great this steroid can be. In fact, a few tablets of dosage per day can provide a gain of around 30 pounds muscle bulk in only six weeks or less of usage. With this, it is just worthy to take note of the history of Anadrol- the timeline of its beginnings up until the present where steroids become a popular supplement for bodybuilders and professional athletes.

The Birth of Anadrol

Anadrol is the commercial name in the US for Oxymetholone, which is a very powerful androgen. Find out in this timeline how this drug was born for public consumption:

-1960. This is the year when Anadrol was initially made available in the market. The drug was produced by Syntex, a well-known international drug firm. The release of the drug is aimed to treat several cases of anemia because Oxymetholone is known to increase the production of the red blood cells in the body. The drug is also known to treat osteoporosis. The Food and Drug Administration has given the approval of this drug for human consumption.

-The rise of Epogen. Later after the introduction of Anadrol in the market, Epogen was developed and made available. This drug was proven to be a lot more effective and safer than Anadrol in treating both osteoporosis and anemia especially that Epogen has no known side effects. Despite this, Anadrol still remained its availability in the market.

-1993. Syntex halted the production of Anadrol due to financial disinterest. It was this same year when Anadrol was dropped in a lot of foreign countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and Spain because of several known risks in the intake of the drug. Since a lot of athletes are using Anadrol in their muscle growth goals, most of them fear that Anadrol will be out in the market for good.

-1998. Despite the dropping of Anadrol availability in a lot of countries, a lot of studies discovered a positive potential for this drug. The compounds present in Anadrol were discovered to be of safe and effective use for HIV wasting syndrome. With this study, Anadrol has made its way back in the market.

The history of Anadrol does not just end with a great comeback. Read on further and discover what has happened to Anadrol in this modern world.

The Anadrol of Today

Today, Anadrol belongs to the Schedule III drug of the Controlled Substances Act. This is because even if the drug has a known accepted medical use, it has a potential for being an abused drug. With the number of athletes and bodybuilders using this drug even without prescription, there is a high possibility that Anadrol can cause psychological and physical dependence.

The most common Oxymetholone in the market these days is the Anadrol 50. However, this product is manufactured by a different firm already, which is Unimed. But still, Syntex is marketing Oxymetholone to other countries only that the brand names are different.

Though Anadrol can be legally obtained these days, this is only limited to people who are given a prescription coming from a licensed medical professional. And since this drug is not prescribed for muscle building, athletes and bodybuilders do not usually get the prescription needed to legally obtain the drugs. This gave way to the birth of the Anadrol in the black market. With the power of the Anadrol in bodybuilding goals, more and more people are becoming regular customers in the black market.

The history of Anadrol has a lot to do on how Anadrol is being viewed these days. True enough, from the noble goals of treating anemia and osteoporosis, Anadrol has come a long way to become a steroid that is invading the bodybuilding market these days for a different goal.

History of Anadrol
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