What Is Oxymetholone

Is Oxymetholone the Best Steroid?

In this day and age where the measure of one’s personality is dependent on his or her physique. Everyone is aspiring to have that perfect and ideal body. For the ladies, they would all want that slim and thin physique; while for the men, they would want to have that chiseled abs and big biceps and chest. In order to achieve this goal, men and women resort to supplements. There are numerous products that help our body gain weight and lean muscles. One supplement that stands out is oxymetholone.

Of course this isn’t a surprising fact since the mass media has idealized these types of bodies. And they aren’t wrong in doing so since these body types exemplify health and well-being. Also, as well as being physically fit for anything and everything that the world has to offer.

So what is Oxymetholone?

This compound is what is commonly known as an anabolic steroid. It keeps the body producing and increasing muscle cells while keeping it from catabolizing or breaking it down. This in turn will result in an increase in muscle mass. It is also a testosterone precursor, meaning it turns into testosterone upon entering the body.

Since testosterone is the primary male hormone and is responsible for the development of muscles, it increases muscle growth even more. Not only that, but it also increases the blood rate and perfusion of oxygen for the cells giving the user more stamina and an increase in power. It also increases the rate of the body’s protein metabolism which increases the protein stores in the body so that it can be used for muscle formation quickly.

How to use it

In using the drug, it is important to note that without lifting weight and exercise, the expected muscle growth will manifest poorly. So it is important that the person using oxymetholone has enough discipline to lift weights religiously for at least thrice a week. Its effects are also enhanced when combined with other steroidal compounds and other non-steroidal supplements. This is termed as stacking and is considered as the main way to which extreme muscle and body growth can be done.

However, you must remember that you cannot use the medication continuously for extended periods of time. That is why when using oxymetholone, using it in cycles of 3-4 weeks is considered the optimum for novice users.

What to Watch Out For

Using the medication in cycles is important since it may have hazardous effects to the body if used for a much longer period. Since it readily converts into testosterone inside the body, the brain will detect sufficient levels of testosterone and will stop its production. If used for too long, the body will forget to make its own supply of testosterone; thus, resulting in a lifetime reliance on synthetic testosterone products.

And like any type of drug or medication, it also has some side effects and adverse reactions that one must watch out for. Since it is a male hormone derivative, users will sometimes manifest hair loss since this is connected to testosterone levels. Likewise, it is also toxic to the liver so regular monitoring of liver enzymes is a must. It may also increase acne and produce Gynecomastia or the appearance of male breasts.

Is It Worth It

Despite the side effects, it is still one of the most popular and most potent oral steroids around. Use carefully and with great care. Use of oxymetholone can be quite advantageous for guys out there that want a buff and beefed-up body. A little patience and hard work can certainly go a long way.

What Is Oxymetholone
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