Anadrol Brands and Nicknames

Anadrol, the most popular form of Oxymetholone, continue to dominate the market for anabolic steroids. From the simple Anadrol, there are now different Anadrol brands and names of this steroid in the market already. Different pharmacies from different countries all over the world are manufacturing Oxymetholone to answer the needs of the market. In fact, if you will ask athletes and bodybuilders of today about their choice of steroids? Dozens of Anadrol brand names and nicknames coming from each one of them.

So why is it important to know the variations of Anadrol in the market? With this drug distributed from across the globe, online and offline. Pays you a lot if you are knowledgeable about the options available for you. Most of the time, the less familiar with the names? More chances you will get to stumble upon fake or illegitimate Anadrol products in the market. Plus, the name of the drug has a lot to do with its efficiency and reliability as a steroid.

Different Brand Names of Anadrol

Anadrol is the U.S. brand name for Oxymetholone. It was first developed by Syntex Pharmaceuticals in 1960 with the primary aim of treating anemia and osteoporosis. With Syntex still remaining as the number one producer of Anadrol in the world, the company is producing Anadrol in different brand names in different areas of the world. For one, Syntex Great Britain is marketing the Anapolon 50, Syntex Brazil is developing Hemogenin, and Syntex Spain is distributing Oxitosona 50. Though all of these brand names of Anadrol come from one manufacturer alone, the drugs are mostly different not only in names but also in composition. For instance, the Hemogenin of Brazil, made of pure Oxymetholone, which makes this drug very strong among the others.

Another popular Anadrol brand name is Kanestron 50. This drug is veterinary-grade but still used by most humans especially bodybuilders. Kanestron 50, available in a 50 milligram tablet and is manufactured by Loffler Mexico. Another brand name is Oximetalon. Same with Kanestron 50, manufactured for veterinary purposes. Produced by Australia’s Denkall and is available in 75 milligram tablets.

Other brand names of Anadrol in the market are Anadrol 50, Anapolon, Dynasten, Roboral, Synasteron, Plenastril, Oxitosona 50, and Anasteron. With more companies manufacturing Anadrol all over the world, more and more brand names are being added in the market year after year. For instance, there is now the Bonalone that is manufactured by Thailand’s Body Research and Androlic 50 that is manufactured by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals.

Different Nicknames of Anadrol

If you go out in the market in search for Anadrol, you will be surprised that there are a lot of Anadrol brand names and nicknames in the market. Brand names refer to the title given by individual manufacturers to their version of Anadrol. On the other hand, nicknames refer to jargon terms used by sellers and users of this steroid. Easing communication and sometimes, for secrecy purposes.

The most common nicknames for Anadrol are A-50 and A Bombs. There are also several street names for this drug such as ëroids and juice. However, most of the time, the last two nicknames refer to steroids in general.

It is very surprising to note that there are dozens of Anadrol brand names and nicknames when in fact they refer to Oxymetholone alone. However,important to know these names commonly used in the market. Since the drugs are not at all similar in any way, you can always associate the name of Anadrol in terms of its effectiveness and popularity. Meaning, you can use the nicknames and brand names to choose and purchase your steroids both online and offline.

Anadrol Brands and Nicknames
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